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Welcome to the blog of the DNA Research Group at the Society of Australian Genealogists, based in Sydney.  If you are new to DNA Research, please take a look at some of the pages listed under the ‘Learning’ tab on this blog site.  These may help you start your DNA Research journey, it’s a long, long road…..

Don’t forget if you missed any of our Society of Australian Genealogists webinars, they are still available.  We recommend that attendees of our DNA Research Group be familiar with these concepts, as the Research Group is not suitable for those ‘brand new’ to DNA Research.  You can gain the basic skills needed to be able to benefit from our Research Group by undertaking the following webinars:-

  • Introduction to DNA Testing.  This was presented by Louise Coakley early 2017. To view the webinar, click here.
  • DNA Research, Key Concepts.  This was presented by Veronica Williams in March 2017.  To view the webinar, click here.
  • DNA – I’ve done my test, whats next?  This was presented by Kerry Farmer on 10th July 2017.  To view the webinar, click here.

You can find more information about the DNA Research Group under the ‘About Us’ tab, or for a summary of past and future meeting dates and topics please click here.

From 2019, SAG will be introducing a new Beginner’s DNA group.  You can also view the Society’s website and all future learning events (broader than just DNA) in the Events Calendar by clicking here.

Veronica Williams, SAG DNA Research Group Convenor



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Ancestry DNA changing

(I also posted this to the DNA Sydney Discussion Group on Facebook, but am re-posting here for those not on Facebook.)

I was giving DNA talks in Canberra last week – and before my talk, Jason Reeve of Ancestry spoke about Ancestry’s focus – what is there & what is coming.

It’s still in Beta now, so not everybody has it yet, but have you noticed when you go to your Ancestry DNA matches page – do you have ‘Matches Map’? If you click on that it shows you a world map of where your DNA matches are located. You may want to reach out to those who are in an area of particular interest.

Ancestry is dramatically increasing the number of regions and that is now calculated in what seems a more meaningful way. They’re hoping to eventually be able to give you hints to the level of eg what Irish county your ancestors came from, rather than just “Ireland & Scotland”.

In terms of admixture/ethnicity, migrations means that I have matches with people whose ancestors came from that area, but mine don’t, so I didn’t inherit that DNA.

Jason said that Ancestry’s DNA offerings are currently being prepared for major changes & some features are not currently working & maybe replaced – eg changing private tree to public is not currently working. Also internal tools like finding other members or trees is broken but will be replaced. DNA “traits” are coming, more as a curiosity for new users. DNA circles will go.

He also said that the new CEO is responding to staff feelings that Ancestry had been overly focusing on DNA, sometimes neglecting its primary focus, that of being a family history company. While new DNA features are coming, this CEO wants to shift the focus back to Ancestry being primarily a family history company. The DNA focus of recent years was to attract new users. Now they want to do more to keep existing users.

Big news: expect major announcements at RootsTech – including a chromosome browser! Jason said that theirs will be different to others “because of privacy issues”.

These are just taken from my rough notes, but I thought others might also be interested.


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Sign the petition for AncestryDNA segment data …

It might have been started years ago, but its worthwhile to ‘maintain the rage’!

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GEDmatch Matchmaker tools

Similar to the Finnish ancestry tool recently advised by Jo there is now a matchmaker type tool for Prussian ancestry  – Prussian DNA Tool

I think we should start to collect these as there are many others – the Irish and Scottish ones quite useful.

I have created a new page under the ‘Tools’ menu item where the ones I know are listed.  If you know other links please comment here and I will add them to the main page – GEDmatch Matchmaker Groups.


Facebook group for DNA Discussion Group

If you attend the DNA Discussion Group meetings, you may be interested in joining our Facebook group.  Click HERE and send a request to join the group.


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DNA Down Under – More on the dates

Screen Shot 2018-11-30 at 4.55.41 pm.png

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Date change for DNA Down Under in Sydney

There’s been a date change for the Sydney DNA Down Under event to Thursday 29 August to Saturday 31 August 2019.
Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 9.59.15 pm.png

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DNA tests on sale!

Big sales on DNA Tests now available at all testing companies. AncestryDNA is A$88 + A$30 shipping with further reductions on shipping possible. Check the details on Louise Coakley’s blog here.






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